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In The Bleak Mid-Winter

Congratulations Michigan!  It's the seventh snowiest January* in recorded history. Ice and snow bring both good news and bad.

     The bad news is that salt prices for driveways and walks are at a record high. Part of the Ohio River is frozen. Salt laden barges are stuck, unable to break through the ice and reach key ports like Detroit. The remaining salt hence is selling at a premium.

     Alas, there is some good news. Record snowfalls mean vast amounts of melting water pouring into the Great Lakes. The jewels of Michigan, the Great Lakes have suffered record lows due to draught the last three years. 

     Soon, we will be celebrating spring as well, sending out new contracts. We are looking forward to getting back to work. Join us as we endure the last six weeks of winter and dare to think of a very green spring.