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Taller is Better....Even in Your Lawn

Taller Lawn= Healthier Lawn

It is a common misconception that a shorter lawn in a better lawn; especially in the summer. One might argue that shorter is better. It doesn't need mowing as often. Less mowing means less stress on the system, right? That idea just doesn't hold water.....literally.

Lawns are thirsty, particularly in summer. Longer blades of grass mean shade for the grassy root system. Shade means less water evaporation and less watering on your part. Want another benefit? Clipping off the tops of the blades of grass means less clippings. What does fall away should be left to decompose and fertilize itself. Allowing this natural process to occur is better for your lawn and the environment.

Set lawn mower blades higher in the heat of summer to reduce damage and watering. Refrain from cutting lawns while the morning dew sits atop the blades of grass. It may be a cooler time of day temperature-wise, but the sticking grass wreaks havoc on mowing blades, dulling them. Dull mowing blades produce a rusty topped lawn as the blades of grass are torn rather than cleanly cut.