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Lawn Service: Spring & Fall Cleanup Walled Lake MI | Kiwi Landscaping - kiwi_sp_lawn
Kiwi Landscaping has been providing high quality lawn maintenance service for over thirty years.
Our lawn maintenance includes weekly as weather permits:
  • Mowing the grass to a height of three inches. At this length, the blades of grass are not scalped or damaged but your lawn still maintains its crisp, clean appearance.
  • Trimming and edging the sidewalks and driveways. Not all lawn service providers do this weekly, but Kiwi Landscaping does. It's part of the high quality you get from a family owned company.
  • Grass clippings blown from walks, driveways and patios as necessary.
The lawn maintenance season lasts from April through October. November is for lawn clean ups and winterizing. While we are maintaining your lawn, we also offer:
  • Bed maintenance and weeding
  • Tree and shrub maintenance, pruning and trimming
  • Spring Clean-Up or 1st lawn cut and vacuum of winter debris
  • Fall Clean-Up

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