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When the Going Gets Turf: The Benefits of Aeration

Why Aerate?

A lush, green summer lawn begins in the cool temperatures of early spring when the ground is still moist and rains are plentiful. Grasses are beginning to germinate and roots developing complex systems. That makes it the perfect time to aerate.
Summer heat stresses a lawn. Fall leaves often lay on the lawn and suffocate the grass. Spring is a good time then, to open up the roots system and develop proper irrigation. Once your spring clean-up is done, your lawn in ready to take it to the next level. The next question becomes, what kind of aeration is best?
There are two basic approaches to lawn aeration; spike or core. Core aeration does exactly as its name implies. Core machines use hollow tines to pull cores of soil or plugs out of your lawn. (Imagine your grandmother's old fashioned apple core and you get the idea). Spike aeration machines poke holes in the lawn without removing any of the soil or grass. (Like when your father mowed the lawn wearing his golf cleats).
There is a lot of debate over which type is best, but recent studies would tend to side with core aeration. Removing material via the core makes it easier for fertilizer, oxygen, and water to work into the soil. Some customers don't like the look of core plugs on their lawn. But the plugs break down within a few days. They feed the lawn as they break apart and most aerations can be scheduled so the cosmetic issues are kept to a minimum.
Kiwi Landscaping offers core aeration. This small lawn improvement can put you on the path to the lush, green lawn of summer. Estimates are free!