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When Mother Nature Calls

A Poem

In the very wee hours, with the turn of his key,
Kiwi re-opened, when the phone started to ring.
It rang. It was urgent. It rang with such vigor,
Ringing and jumping, giving the table a splinter.

"Hello? Kiwi Landscaping." "This is Mother Nature!"
"I need you to help me. Spring is in danger!
I've looked everywhere for my darling, sweet child
Who brings in the rain and temperatures, mild.

She was napping through winter but hasn't awoken.
Now Winter won't leave and the seasons are broken.
You must find her, Kiwi, you must endeavor,
Or else we'll be stuck with Winter, forever!"

"Don't worry, Mum, I think we can find her.
All she needs is a little reminder,
Of sweet growing grass and April showers,
Forsythia bushes and blooming flowers."

Kiwi set out. He searched high and low,
Trudging through ice and mountains of snow.
And just when he thought he let Mother Nature down,
He noticed a single blade of grass on the ground.

That blade of grass was under a tree,
Tucked in its trunk was a little baby.
"G'day little lady. Get up, it's late!
We've been waiting for you, Spring, and your mother's irate."

Spring looked at her. Watch, alas it was broken.
"Here, take mine," said Kiwi, "a token."
"In exchange, hurry, bring on the sun,
The people need warmth and some outdoor fun."

In case you were wondering what happened to Spring,
Her watch was broken, her alarm didn't ring.
Thanks to Kiwi, Spring is waking (I swear!)
Enclosed is your contract for another great year.