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Two Things You Should Never Do in Landscaping

It's a few weeks before Mother's Day...

That means loads of husbands, sons, daughters, and grandkids are prepping flower beds for the big flower planting weekend. It is a tradition for a lot of families to get Mom's garden started for her. When doing so please keep these two important rules in mind.

Rule #1
1. Skip the weed block fabric. While the idea is utopian, the fact is weed block fabric is ineffective. If there was a magical fabric that ended weed pulling, we would all be investors in the company and making a mint. Sadly, the reality is that grass and weeds grow through the fabric in one season. Furthermore, once the mulch on top moves or erodes away the fabric lifts. Weed block fabric gets caught in lawn mower blades and makes a mess. Save yourself the headache.

Rule #2
2. Skip the diamond and plastic edging for beds. Remember the plastic cup you left outside from a late summer party that survived the winter? Notice how brittle and warped it became? The same goes for diamond edging. Instead, how about a nice hand edge? Too much trouble? Not for our lawn crew.
Hand edging increases curb appeal. It looks cleaner and fresher as well. It's better for the environment and well it's just plain classy
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