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Spring Time Brings Broadleaf Weeds

Spring Time Brings Broadleaf Weeds - Blog - Kiwi Landscaping - kiwilandscaping1

Broadleaf Weeds

Non-grassy weeds are also known as broadleaf weeds.  You might better know them as dandelion or chickweed.  If you have a lawn, they are headed your way for their springtime debut.

The best defense against broadleaf weeds is a thick lawn.  It's logical.  The more lush and thick your lawn, the less room there is for broadleaf weed seeds to germinate and take root.  You can encourage your lawn to grown healthy right from the start with these four tips.

        1. Fertilize: Fertilizing a lawn is like making it take its vitamins.  It encourages it to grow strong and healthy all the way down to its roots.

        2. Water: If it is a dry spring with little rainfall then it is recommended that you give your lawn about half of an inch of water per week.
        3. Insect and Grub Control: If bugs and grubs are eating away at your lawn and its root system, broadleaf weeds can take up residence in the patches they leave behind. 

        4. Set your Blades High: Removing only 1/3 of the top of the blades of grass promotes shaded, cool lawns; an environment in which broadleaf weeds cannot thrive.

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